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01 | – Crusader Chemical Co., Inc.
De-Webbing  and Anti-Foam Solutions
Crusader Chemical Co., Inc. USA is proud to announce it has selected Tiarco Chemical Europe GmbH as it’s newest authorized distributor in the European Union (EU)

02 | – Octopol STC-25 (Polythiocarbonate)
We are proud to announce, that Octopol STC-25 is REACH registered upon August 1st, 2017

03 | – Vital Oxide
Disinfectant Sanitizer
BAuA regstrationno. now available (N-74550)

Ungerades Segment von VO SGerades Segment von VO S

04 | – ELGI – 32th Annual General Meeting,
April  25st – April 28th, 2020
Hamburg, Germany